Collective 615

Collective615 is a mobile application designed for the Nashville community to discover and support local businesses.

One of the unique features of Collective615 is its emphasis on supporting local businesses.

The app allows businesses to create profiles and offer exclusive deals and promotions to app users. This helps businesses attract new customers and encourages users to try out local options rather than relying on chain stores and restaurants. Collective615 also features a social component, allowing users to connect with friends and follow each other's activity on the app. This can help users discover new businesses and stay up-to-date on the latest deals and promotions. Overall, Collective615 is a comprehensive and community-focused app that aims to support local businesses while providing users with a convenient and engaging way to discover and explore their city.


Mobile app



Project Length

6 Weeks



What we built

Collective615 is a mobile application designed to help users discover and support local businesses in Nashville. We built a directory of local businesses, including restaurants, shops, and services, which users can browse and search to find new options. In addition, users can discover exclusive deals and promotions offered by local businesses and save them for later use. The app also provides user profiles, where users can save their favorite businesses, leave reviews, and connect with friends. Local businesses can create profiles as well, showcasing their offerings, providing information on hours and locations, and offering exclusive deals and promotions to app users. We also built a social component, where users can follow each other's activity, share their experiences, and discover new businesses through friends and connections. One of the key features of the Collective615 app is its focus on supporting local businesses. By promoting local options and encouraging users to shop and dine locally, the app helps support the Nashville community and its economy. Overall, the app provides a comprehensive and engaging way for users to discover and support local businesses, while also connecting with friends and the larger Nashville community.

"I'd highly recommend working with Vyten. The team is on top of it, and made it so simple to launch our app."

Amelia Weiss

The Nash Network

"I'm seeing higher levels of engagement than ever before with my own mobile app."

Ryan Davies

The Hustle

"Launching a mobile app took our brand partnerships to a new level and generated a new revenue stream."

Emily Lewis

Lewis fitness

"We were able to launch a mobile app in just 3 weeks with Vyten. They made it so easy."

Karsen Kolnicki

Parents Club
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