Scheddge is an app designed to simplify the college application process for students and parents.

The app allows you to search for colleges, track deadlines, and receive support throughout your college application journey.

The Scheddge app, which is powered by Ivy Insight, was created by Dr. Aviva Legatt, a well-known college admissions expert who has assisted students and their families from all over the globe. Dr. Legatt, the author of Get Real and Get In (St. Martin's Press) and the originator of the College Admissions X-Factor™, designed the Scheddge app out of a concern for the increase in executive function difficulties among students and the ongoing necessity for deadline support. Ivy Insight, which collaborates with high-achieving students and their parents to optimize their chances of long-term success, provides clarity, guidance, convenience, and support throughout the high-stakes college journey.


Mobile app



Project Length

6 weeks



What we built

At Vyten, we are proud to have designed Scheddge, an app that streamlines the college application process for both students and parents. Our app offers a comprehensive suite of features that allow you to search for colleges, monitor deadlines, and receive ongoing assistance throughout your college application journey. With built-in tools that include executive function support and college admissions resources, we empower you to stay on top of your game. Our ping notifications and real-time updates ensure that you stay on track for college admissions success. With Scheddge, you can take advantage of a host of features, including our extensive directory of over 1000 universities, which you can sort by geography, graduation rate, selectivity, and student body size. You can also save your top universities to your account and explore their features in-depth. Our calendar feature helps you keep track of important college admissions milestones, while our executive function tools optimize your goal-setting, productivity, and focus. And with our college application support, you'll never miss a vital milestone on your journey towards college success.

"I'd highly recommend working with Vyten. The team is on top of it, and made it so simple to launch our app."

Amelia Weiss

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"I'm seeing higher levels of engagement than ever before with my own mobile app."

Ryan Davies

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"Launching a mobile app took our brand partnerships to a new level and generated a new revenue stream."

Emily Lewis

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"We were able to launch a mobile app in just 3 weeks with Vyten. They made it so easy."

Karsen Kolnicki

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